The aim of the Art-Research Bridge cooperation project between FFA BUT Brno and The School of Humanities of the University of Island, is to coordinate artistic and theoretical research of teachers and students working on topics related to the field of Media Art and Digital Culture which interconnects the scientific and humanities fields of both universities.


The project aims to continue with previously established cooperation between the National Gallery of Reykjavik, their newly opened research laboratory, the Vasulka Chamber and the evolving Vasulka Kitchen project at FFA BUT established within the framework of the faculty's expanding media archive. The project proposes support of academic participation in conferences and meetings planned for both cities. The conference in Reykjavik took
place at the Vasulka Chamber, a department of the National Gallery, with academic participants. In Brno the Intuition Conference will be guaranteed by FFA BUT and the Media Archive and will take place on October 20-21st, 2015.